Pain relief no excuse for growing 22 cannabis plants

WHEN pain killers were no longer working to treat a back injury, a pensioner turned to growing cannabis to get some relief.

Steven William May, 48, appeared before the Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to three charges after police found 22 cannabis plants in grow tents at his Bellbird Park residence.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said police executed a search warrant about 8.30am on June 4.

May took police to a back room of the dwelling where there were two grow tents were located.

Police found 22 plants, which had been hydroponically grown, that were about two months.

No evidence was presented to the court to how big the plants were but May made admissions to officers he had been tending to them.

Police also found 10 grams of cannabis in a clipsal bag and cannabis seeds.

May told police it was for medical use to treat his long-term back injury.

The court heard May is on the disability supporter pension and had been a painter and decorator.

He was self employed for 10 years and it was while working where he sustained the injury.

The court heard he had used pain killers but as the pain got worse, they were "ineffective" and so he turned to cannabis.

He resorted to producing his own cannabis oil and the court heard he does not smoke the drug.

He pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs, possessing dangerous drugs and possessing anything used in the commission of crime as defined in part 2.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler fined May $750, which was referred to SPER, and did not record a conviction.