A patient is suing a Sunshine Coast plastic surgeon who performed an allegedly negligent breast augmentation.
A patient is suing a Sunshine Coast plastic surgeon who performed an allegedly negligent breast augmentation.

‘Pain and humiliation’: Surgeon sued over ‘failed’ implants

A LAW graduate, who claims she was left with different sized breasts after "failed'' implant surgeries, is suing a Sunshine Coast plastic surgeon for more than $220,000.

Dakoda Obah claims she was also left with neck and shoulder pain and pain down one side of her body after surgeries by Dr Mark McGovern of Vie Institute at Maroochydore.

According to Ms Obah's District Court claim, before her surgery she had extensive consultations with Dr McGovern, at the Vie Institute on the Sunshine Coast.

Dr McGovern then carried out reconstructive bilateral asymmetric breast augmentation and other breast-related surgery at Sunshine Coast Day Surgery, in August, 2017.

She claims after the stitches were removed, about five days after surgery, her consultation with Dr McGovern only lasted about 30 seconds, due to an emergency taking place.

Law graduate Dakoda Obah.
Law graduate Dakoda Obah.


Surgeon Mark McGovern.
Surgeon Mark McGovern.


When he saw Ms Obah three months after surgery, Dr McGovern told her the "tear drop'' implant in her right breast had rotated about 180 degrees, according to the claim.

Dr McGovern attempted a manual manipulation that day, without success and Ms Obah was told she needed to have surgery in future to rectify the problem, it is alleged.

During another consultation with Dr McGovern, before the second surgery, Ms Obah claims she was told a round implant would replace the tear drop implant.

She was allegedly told it would give the same visual effect as her left breast.

She claims the second surgery was unsuccessful.

Ms Obah, then 21, was allegedly left with breasts that were different sizes and shapes.

Ms Obah claims she developed anxiety and depressive symptoms after the second surgery.

The doctor failed to insert the tear drop implant in the correct manner or failed to create an appropriate pocket so the implant did not rotate, it is alleged.

Dr McGovern also failed to follow up at the one-month period and failed to correct "previously negligent surgery'', according to the claim.

Ms Obah had suffered pain, discomfort, humiliation and inconvenience, she had lost income and would need future surgery, the claim says.

"I sought professional medical assistance to help rectify a personal issue that had caused me a considerable deal of anxiety and suffering over a number of years, only to be now more distressed as a consequence of such service," Ms Obah said.

Both surgeries cost Ms Obah almost $22,000.

She is claiming a total of $221,475 in personal injury damages, including money to cover past and future economic loss and for future treatment.

Dr McGovern is yet to file a defence to the claim.