EMAIL: Councillor David Pahlke.
EMAIL: Councillor David Pahlke. Cordell Richardson

Pahlke caught with questions over his 'private email' use

DAVID Pahlke has moved to clarify his use of what was believed to be a private email address.

The Division 10 councillor has told residents to contact him via the email account;

Some people took umbrage with it, declaring the use of the account should be prohibited.

Cr Pahlke said it was a council-owned account he had access to "for many years".

"It's a council email, I don't own it," Cr Pahlke told the QT.

"It has a diversion to the council address and all emails are recorded by council."

The domain was registered by Ipswich City Council and used by councillors more than 20 years ago.

Despite the rollout of the account, Cr Pahlke said he still asked residents to email both addresses.

"I got a number of complaints by people who said they sent me emails and I never got them," he said.

"People were spelling my name wrong.

"Every single councillor had this address. I just kept it."

The council pays $55 annually for the account.

The email habits of councillors has been under the spotlight this week, with Paul Tully's use of the and questioned.

While the CCC would not comment on specific cases, a spokesman said; "the CCC believes it is undesirable for any person in the public service to use private emails to conduct official business".

Cr Pahlke described his use of as "completely innocent".

"It's controlled and all the emails are recorded by council," he said.

The Right to Information Process would apply to that email address to."

A spokesman for the council said it had "low-level oversight". "We can request password changes, " he said.

"We do not have direct access to content."

Cr Pahlke said the CCC "never discussed" the account.