Pahlke and Neumann spar over ALP plots…

David Pahlke puts his hands up at the Rosewood Cobb & Co display. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
SURROUNDED: Cr David Pahlke insists he is under attack from the ALP. Blair MP Shayne Neumann has tagged him a conspiracy theorist who may soon reveal where Harold Holt and the Loch Ness Monster are hiding…and who shot JFK from the grassy knoll. Rob Williams

CR DAVID Pahlke feels like he is under siege.

He insists that the Labor Party is out to crowbar him from office so that his political opponent and ALP member Steve Franklin can move in to his Division 10 office at Rosewood.

Cr Pahlke was disturbed by a photo taken at Mr Franklin's campaign launch on Friday night that pictured ALP heavyweights from Ipswich and the region holding up Mr Franklin's election signs.

Blair MP Shayne Neumann, who was one of them, said Cr Pahlke saw conspiracies around every corner.

The photo in question also includes leading Ipswich councillors Paul Tully and Victor Attwood, state MPs Jennifer Howard and Jim Madden, ALP state president Dick Williams, Labor senate candidate Murray Watt and ALP candidate for the seat of Wright Allistair Smith.

"This is party politics in local government. It is party politics interfering in the local community," Cr Pahlke said. "But Labor has been trying to get rid of me for 20 years…so it is to be expected."

ALP heavyweights back the launch of Division 10's Steve Franklin. Photo: Contributed
ALP heavyweights back the launch of Division 10's Steve Franklin. Photo: Contributed Contributed

Cr Pahlke said he had great support in the community and was up for the fight, but added that he was convinced Division 10 was on the ALP hitlist and that Mr Franklin was being backed to the hilt by Labor.

"But he's certainly being helped by Labor and the unions and they want Ipswich…bad," he said. "I've had it before in 2008 when he came at me with different state and federal members.

"The feedback I am getting from my 200 election sign sites is that the loyalty is there. Their loyalty is magnificent.

"They recognise what I have done over a long period of time.

"I am not finished yet."

Mr Neumann said he wouldn't be surprised if Cr Pahlke was "waiting for a Chinese submarine with Harold Holt in it to come up the Bremer River".

"David Pahlke sees conspiracies everywhere, and it just shows he is anxious, worried and concerned," Mr Neumann said.

"I am half expecting some advice from David Pahlke on who the unknown shooter on the grassy knoll was in the Kennedy assassination, on where Harold Holt is living and the location of the Loch Ness Monster.

"This is David Pahlke's modus operandi. He dusts off the cobwebs on his corflutes and every election he thinks the world is coming to get him."

Mr Neumann, who said he had worked constructively with Cr Pahlke in his time in office and would again if he was returned, added that there was "nothing unusual for Labor Party officials and members to support another ALP member who was running for office".

"There is nothing conspiratorial about this but I am half expecting that he is going to tell me that somewhere in the national secretariat of the Labor Party there is a plot to 'get Pahlke' but that is complete nonsense.

"I've always said I will support candidates who have Labor Party membership tickets in their pockets and Labor values in their hearts.

"Steve Franklin is one of them - a highly respected Rosewood local who fights hard for people in the community and workplace.

"If the local people of Division 10 decide to choose him as their councillor I am sure he will do a fine job."

Mr Neumann said around 80 people attended Mr Franklin's launch and many of the attendees were community leaders who were not ALP members.

Mr Franklin said Cr Pahlke's "conspiracy theory" was wide of the mark.

"This is my campaign," he said. "Those people were there because they want to support me, as I have supported them in their campaigns.

"I worked on Shayne's last three campaigns and he appreciates that and wants to help me. It is the same with Jenny Howard and Jim Madden's campaigns.

"It is not a bad thing for Division 10 to have a representative with good contacts in the state and federal arenas. It helps get funding for our community."