COSTCO expert Linda Carter has spent years fine-tuning her super-sized shopping tactics.

Here's here guide for Costco first-timers in surviving their trip to the Bundamba warehouse later this year:

High efficiency Costco shopping:

This system has been developed by a skinny mum of a plus-sized family over more than 10 years of Costco happiness, both in Australia and overseas.

Fuel up your car at the Costco service station before you shop. You'll be too tired later.

Next, fuel yourself and the kids (if you must bring them!) at the food court. The prices are great, the servings huge, and the soft drinks come with refills.

Take a stroll through the store without a trolley. Admire all the cool stuff you don't need. Did you see that fruit basket? How about the dog lounge?

Find the biggest trolley you can. Yes, they are all big.

Work through the dry good aisles one by one. Stock up on what you need. Also get your cleaning and office supplies. If you are like me, this alone will fill the trolley once, so now you need to check out the first time. Make sure to show your membership card and smile. Remember that you will be asked for your receipt at the exit. So don't lose it, and don't be grumpy about having to show it. Pack your car like it's a game of Tetris. You are not done yet.

Now it's time for the fresh produce, meat, dairy and freezer items. Yes, it's all delicious, and the best quality. Go for it and don't forget the bakery.

Smile through your second checkout experience of the day. Yes, the queues will be long. If you have done the job right, you won't need to shop for a month. Did I say remember to smile?

Pack your car effectively, make sure you can still see through the rear vision mirror. Take care when reversing and enjoy your Costco loot.