The 2000 Audi B5 1.8T Quattro will be a part of this weekend's inaugural OzEnduro Cup at Queensland Raceway. Picture: John Absolon/Got That Shot Images
The 2000 Audi B5 1.8T Quattro will be a part of this weekend's inaugural OzEnduro Cup at Queensland Raceway. Picture: John Absolon/Got That Shot Images

OzECup event in Ipswich attracting business-minded teams

RUSSELL Greaves and his fellow racers for team Synforce Steinard are keen to try their hand at the newly established MotorsportSales OzEnduro Cup concept in Ipswich.

The inaugural event is at Queensland Raceway on Saturday and Sunday.

The newly established OzEnduro Cup concept (or OzECup for short) has been designed by Ontic Sports for budget-minded competitors who are interested in competing in endurance events at leading circuits around the country.

The events are focused on fun, low-cost vehicles with a redbook trade-in value of $2000 or less. Emphasis is on camaraderie.

Greaves will be joined at the wheel of the #710 Synforce Lubricants 2000 Audi B5 1.8T Quattro by his team-mates and fellow drivers Darren Goddard, Ian Smee and Shane Logan.

Each is the director of his own company: Synforce Lubricants, Goddards Busses, Hervey Bay Autoglass and River Heads Real Estate respectively.

The four businessmen and their supporting crew are no strangers to budget endurance events.

They are looking forward to enjoying 14 hours of track time at Queensland Raceway this weekend thanks to the new OzE Cup.

"We are long-time supporters of endurance type events that give us good track time and are restrictive in ways that give way to 'cheap car racing'," Greaves said.

"We have competed in this car and another Audi, Car 112, in the Lemons Series for a few years now (mainly car 112) and loved the atmosphere and the challenge of getting a cheap car to actually finish - on most laps completed in an event, car 112 has had a 2nd and two thirds while car 710 first entered the events in 2019 and has had two thirds.

"When the Lemons collapsed this year, it was an easy choice for us to go to the OzE Cup and it actually suits us better.

"We very much enjoy the social aspect of 'not too serious' racing as can only be found in cheap car racing events like this, but at the same time we prefer the MotorsportSales OzE Cup format as we have never been fans of the novelty 'penalties' Lemons used to employ.

"We got a taste for the new concept at the SS Signs event held in September, which was run by the same company (Ontic Sports) and while 710 did not finish, car 112 came third and we had a lot of fun.

"We are planning on running at not only this weekend's event, but also at both Queensland-based events in 2021 and hopefully one or even two interstate events as well."

Speaking with Greaves, it is clear the Hervey Bay based Synforce Steinard racing project is about more than results on the track.

"For us, this is all about it being a 'team' thing," Greaves said.

"All of us work on the cars regularly and we usually get together one night per week and we have appointed duties at the track to make the workload easier.

"Darren is a stand out in all of this and should be recognised - his knowledge of all things engineering and racing does make life a lot easier for the rest of us and I reckon we would struggle without him.

"He is also the one who started all this nonsense for us with his Audi (car 112) that he saved from the scrapheap and entered into Lemons in 2016, so as far as I am concerned he is the one to be held accountable for the rest of us spending like we have since.

"Our focus currently is on ensuring the cars are reliable and able to compete in and finish as many endurance events as possible.

"The cars are very much in the 'development' stage as we are always looking to save on weight and lap times as I suspect most others are also.''