Mining inspectors slow down to examine incidents in detail

THE failure of Queensland industrial inspectors to hit government targets is a result of the teams having to conduct more thorough investigations, according to Mines Minister Andrew Cripps..

The explanation from Mr Cripps follows mine safety data released on Thursday showing more than 2000 mine site incidents were reported each year.

In the past financial year, inspectors still reached 80% of their target.

A trio of "inspectorates", cover mining, petrol and gas industries, often visiting sites to inspect or audit operations and investigate incidents.

Mr Cripps said inspectors in the 2012-13 year were slowed down as they examined incidents in detail.

During Budget Estimates on Thursday, Mr Cripps said inspectors for mines, petroleum and gas, together, spent 2157 days completing investigations.

This was an increase of 676 days more than the year before.

Teams also spent more time on audits and inspections - up 97 days on previous years.

Queensland's mine safety record is considered the best in the world.