MODE in Stockland Shopping Centre has closed.
MODE in Stockland Shopping Centre has closed. Mike Knott BUN270619MODE2

OVERNIGHT SHOCK: Hairdresser closes second store this year

FOR the second time this year, Mode Hairdressing has shut up shop in the region.

Overnight the Stockland Bundaberg store closed, with customers urged to instead take their business to the Legends Barber at Hinkler Central, which is linked to Mode Hairdressing.

This morning the doors to the Stockland hairdresser were closed, stock had been removed from the display window and the store is largely bare except for a few chairs, the counter and a shopping trolley filled with various items.

However the NewsMail understands just one staff member from the Stockland store has moved across to the barber.

The move comes after Mode's Bargara store shut without notice in February.

That closure came out of the blue to staff, customers and even the lessor.

Back in February a number of customers were shocked as they turned up to appointments, only to find the Bargara store stripped bare and closed.

The NewsMail understands staff this time staff were aware of the impending closure at Stockland, but an exact date hadn't been confirmed and it was still unexpected.

For one former staff member, who was moved from Bargara to Stockland in February before being informed she was out of a job last week, the move is poor form.

"When it happened at Bargara I felt sick," she said.

"We had customers from Bargara coming into Stockland and yelling at us.

"The way it was done was a feral move."

The former staffer, who is now unemployed, feels for a lot of the Stockland customers who were residents of the retirement home next door and had been able to simply walk to the hairdressers.

The NewsMail has attempted to contact Mode Hairdressing director as well as the Stockland Bundaberg centre manager.

Calls to the Stockland store went unanswered this morning.