Over 65s sought to take part in sleep study

IS YOUR partner keeping you awake at night, or do you sleep like a baby?

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researcher is asking Ipswich couples over the age of 65 to take part in a sleep survey to study the factors that impact on healthy sleep in older adults.

Alicia Allan, from QUT's Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland, said it was a myth that older adults needed less sleep as they aged.

"People seem to need between seven and nine hours of sleep each day, even as we get older," Ms Allan said.

"However, it can become harder to get a good night's sleep - we know that about half of older adults report having symptoms of insomnia at least a few times a week."

Ms Allan wants to know how many people experience problems with their sleep, and what this means for their partner or spouse.

"I am hoping to pull the covers off what factors lead to a good night's sleep in couples," she said.

For more information on the study or to get involved visit carrsq.qut.edu.au/sleep/.