APN chief executive officer Michael Miller
APN chief executive officer Michael Miller

Outside of a capital city? You want your news local

MORE than any other, once you escape the smog and stress of the capital city, local news is what you want.

New research from Roy Morgan suggests more than 10 million Australians over 14 (about 51%) have an appetite for local news at least once during the week. 

Those numbers are higher in regional areas mind you, including communities where Australian Regional Media -- the owners of this website -- deliver top quality news.

On the Sunshine Coast, where the Sunshine Coast Daily is read, 57% said they enjoyed local news.

In Toowoomba, where the Toowoomba Chronicle leads the news agenda, 54% said the same.

Smaller towns and rural areas have an even greater demand for local information, with 56% of residents demanding news about their town and their life.

Roy Morgan Research chief Michele Levin said compared with capital-city slickers, these Australians were likely to be smaller, older or mid-life households.

"These towns represent a worthwhile potential market for Australian and international businesses looking to expand beyond a competitive, city-centric view and capitalise on owning smaller markets," she said.

"But to do this, you first need to understand them deeper than simply as 'non-capital-city' residents."

In some regions of Queensland and NSW, ARM operates newspapers that have run for decades, with some notching up more than a century of community service.