Outback Wrangler Matt Wright
Outback Wrangler Matt Wright

Outback Wrangler Matt Wright's pet croc bit man

A PET croc of Outback Wrangler Matt Wright bit the man near Mandorah last weekend, it has emerged.

Initially, authorities were told the man, 24, suffered serious injuries to his hand after he was bitten while fishing.

But the NT News can reveal the incident happened at Mr Wright's property on Berry Springs Rd in the area.

It is understood the man was driven to a nearby location where paramedics were called.

It is not known why the initial reports to authorities were incorrect.

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Last week, a St John Ambulance spokeswoman said the injured man was unsure of the type of croc that bit him but paramedics believe it was a saltie due to the bite mark patterns.

The man was driven to Berry Springs by his mate and was met by paramedics and rushed to Royal Hospital.

The man is understood to have lost at least one finger.

The NT News has contacted Mr Wright and police for comment.