Top stories across Ipswich this week.
Top stories across Ipswich this week.

Our top Ipswich stories this week

Council split on deputy vote

Something must have improved at Ipswich City Council over the past six months.

This week we reported the role of deputy mayor would be passing over from Councillor Marnie Doyle to another new face in the chambers, Councillor Nicole Jonic.

Cr Nicole Jonic has been voted in as deputy mayor.
Cr Nicole Jonic has been voted in as deputy mayor.

It wasn’t a unanimous decision, despite an earlier pledge by the new-look council to rotate the deputy position every 12 months.

Four out of the nine votes were for Cr Doyle to stay in the role. Cr Doyle’s vote was one of the four, which was interesting to see, especially given the fact she briefly resigned from the position last September, before changing her mind and coming back.

I can only assume that to now push to go against that earlier annual rotation plan means there is something above that relatively minor pay bump that has made the deputy’s job more enticing than it was late last year.

Some good news after sad demise

It was sad to see an old Ipswich business like Claypave go by the wayside a couple of years ago.

No doubt many locals have happy memories of loading up a trailer full of pavers down at Dinmore over the years for that backyard project – I know I did a few.

Former Claypave owner John Piele.
Former Claypave owner John Piele.

It is perhaps a sad sign of the times that a business as loyal to its customers as that would fail.

There was some good news this week, with word coming through that the old Claypave site had been sold, allowing creditors to be paid.

We don’t know who the buyer is yet but it will be interesting to see if a new business takes root on that site.

Still hope for foundry workers

Speaking of businesses shutting down in Ipswich, we also reported on the last day of work for a handful of staff who remained at the Bradken foundry at Karrabin.

Former Bradken workers had a drink at the Walloon Saloon Hotel after the company shut down its Ipswich foundry on Friday, April 23.
Former Bradken workers had a drink at the Walloon Saloon Hotel after the company shut down its Ipswich foundry on Friday, April 23.

This once bustling hive of activity has had several well publicised cutbacks over the years, and by the way things are going, this latest shutdown was inevitable.

There is talk of another similar business buying out the site so we will endeavour to keep you posted on this story.

Flood victims face long wait

The past decade has held little joy for thousands of 2011 flood victims seeking compensation from dam operators and the state government.

A class action launched in 2014 on behalf of more than 6500 residents and business owners is still dragging on in the NSW Supreme Court, despite some recent encouraging news.

Lawyers from Maurice Blackburn this week told the Queensland Times that despite the massive $440 million settlement reached with the state government and SunWater, there was still an appeal from Seqwater before the courts.

On top of that, lawyers must now work out what share of the settlement each litigant will receive, based on the value of property lost, and their proximity to the area affected by the mismanagement of the dam.

That’s a huge task, which could take months or more likely years, but one the lawyers are working at trying to expedite in the interests of giving class members some closure.

Here’s cheers to our best baker

Hunter Street Bakery wins Ipswich's Best Bakery.
Hunter Street Bakery wins Ipswich's Best Bakery.

After a hard morning’s work there is nothing that can top a sausage roll and iced coffee from your favourite bakery.

For a lot of Ipswich residents, that local bakery was good old Billy Mac’s over at Brassall.

While the days of that famous Ipswich name are over, a new operator has picked up where Billy Mac left off and they have made a great impression on the sausage roll and meat pie aficionados.

Hunter St Bakery claimed the Ipswich’s Best Bakery title as voted by Queensland Times readers.

Obviously there was some stiff competition for this title but Hunter St got the most votes.

Congratulations to Rick and Sunny Lu and thanks to everyone who nominated and voted.