OUR SAY: Knives out for Turnbull

COUNTING isn't even close to finishing and the daggers are already out for Malcolm Turnbull.

Shortly before midnight media commentator Andrew Bolt launched a scathing attack calling on the Coalition's leader to resign as results in the Federal Election swung towards Labor and the LNP's predicted victory started to look less and less certain.

The beef with Mr Turnbull is that he "assassinated" former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, which he did.

The Coalition should have learned from seeing Labor publicly punished for doing exactly the same thing, twice.

Yes, technically, we don't vote for Prime Ministers in Australia, we vote for our local members and for senators.

But in switching tack and leaders during a term, parties are effectively jipping voters and putting egos and the party ahead of decent democracy.

Parties that do so will be held to account, as we've seen in this election.

However, the far right of the Liberal Party needs to carry some of the can on this.

Had Mr Turnbull stuck to his principles, and not buckled to pressure from the right, he would have convincingly won this election.

Now amid all this talk of him having to step down as leader, let's be very clear: if the Coalition can form government, its members would do well to remember: "An eye for an eye and the whole world turns blind."

If they exact an Abbott-style revenge on Mr Turnbull so soon after the election, rest assured, the voting public will not forgive this.

If they don't believe us, they need only ask the Labor Party.