IT is blindingly obvious that the nation's leaders in Canberra have completely lost touch with Australia.

The farce that played out on Thursday revealed just how far removed our senior politicians are from the realities of life for most Australians.

The blatant grab for power by Peter Dutton and his team of supporters shows a group of politicians more interested in themselves.

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There are major issues in Australia that need addressing, and need addressing quickly.

They include the devastating drought, our health crisis and the serious concerns with our education system.

Pensioners and our aged are being virtually ignored and anyone who has to pay for child care will be able to tell Canberra's power seekers what is really important.

On top of all that, the cost of living and power price rises hit at every Australian except for the wealthy few.

How sad to see these shabby grabs for power by those elected to look after everyday Australians.

Member for Groom John McVeigh late yesterday issued a statement and indicated he would not back Mr Turnbull.

It appears he will now go with the Dutton camp.