LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander
LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander Bev Lacey

Opposition critical over lack of action on Ipswich dump

THE Opposition has slammed the State Government's apparent change of heart in "usurping” the council's planning powers.

On Tuesday, the State Government proposed to introduce a Temporary Local Planning Instrument that would would ensure a 750m buffer zone between waste facilities and homes.

It's an extraordinary move in which Planning Minister Cameron Dick would use his ministerial powers to override Ipswich City Council's Planning Scheme and has been welcomed by Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli.

But the LNP Opposition says the State Government's decision to interfere with the council's planning scheme contravenes previous statements about not "usurping” the council's power and does not go far enough to deal with the city's waste issues.

During parliament last month, the LNP moved a motion calling on Planning Minister Cameron Dick to "call in” the BMI super dump application and reject it.

The motion came after waste dominated discussion at a town hall meeting with ministers.

During that debate, Mr Dick said it was "a matter for the council” and "no-one believes the council should be usurped from its proper authority to make a decision”.

The council has not asked for ministerial intervention on the BMI application.

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander slammed Labor's move to introduce the TLPI just two weeks after refusing to exercise its planning powers during the vote on the parliamentary motion.

"Two weeks ago, Cameron Dick told Parliament that he could not act, but (now) he suddenly can,” Mr Mander said.

"Cameron Dick has the power to call in and stop the new super dump at New Chum.

"If you want to stop the waste coming from over the border, the solution is simple.

"To stop the trucks, you just need to stop the dumps.”