South Burnett Times editor Marguerite Cuddihy.
South Burnett Times editor Marguerite Cuddihy. Molly Hancock

OPINION: Your Facebook posts are making me sick

WINTER is by far my favourite season. A spicy curry, red wine, cold nights spent reading a book under a blanket. Life's small pleasures.

But among the charms of winter looms a menace: the inevitable cold and flu season.

I have been furiously washing my hands, disinfecting my keyboard and glaring at anyone in the office that coughs near me, so I remain healthy - for now.

But I've been reading a lot about flu symptoms: runny nose, fever, body aches, the overwhelming desire to post about it on Facebook.

My recommendation for flu sufferers is to get plenty of rest.

Please stop dragging your fever-ravaged bodies out of bed to inform the entire cyber community in graphic and often disgusting detail about how you're feeling.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic.

I've had the bug before and know I'm probably one airline passenger, hotel room or stair rail away from catching the disease.

In fact the mere thought of it is making me burn up now.

But before stocking up on cold and flu tablets and brewing a pot of chicken soup, I checked with everyone in the office for their advice on avoiding - or at least surviving - the winter sniffles.

There was the usual suggestions of eating plenty of oranges and keeping up Vitamin C levels, through to vaporisers filled with eucalyptus oil, taking health supplements or my personal favourite - a nip of rum.

Perhaps I need to think of the common cold as just another quirk of winter.

After all, it does offer me the opportunity to cook an extra-spicy curry and indulge in a little uninterrupted reading.