Support small business, or lose it forever
Support small business, or lose it forever Rob Williams

OPINION: Why we all need to support local business

ONE of the jobs I enjoy doing most at the QT, is stories on people opening a small business.

They are full of enthusiasm, optimism and energy. Quite often I will pop back in after an article has run to see how they are going. It's so rewarding to hear them say that business is great, and hearing how people came in after seeing the story to say hello.

Then there are stories about businesses closing, (see today's page 7 or link below) which are simply a fact of life.

There are people out there who have lost their homes, their marriages and their jobs. These are the stories that you don't often hear. Small business is a tough gig, and it is never going to get easier.

Family businesses are the backbone of the Ipswich economy, and when I spend money at a local business I keep in mind that any profits on that sale go towards putting that business owner's kids through school, paying the shop's rent, or even sending their daughter to dance classes.

Recently the QT ran an article about a top local restaurant closing down, and I was floored by the number of people on social media who commented 'never heard of it', or 'never been there'.

I don't know about you, but I find it frightening how a handful of multi-national companies are controlling millions of retail dollars spent in Ipswich.

It's never been more important to support small business, because there's an old saying which is very true, even today. 'You don't know what you've got until it's gone.'

So next time you want a coffee, a sandwich, a bed, a pool or a car...ask yourself if your dollars are staying in Ipswich.

If the answer is yes, then every single person who lives in this city wins.