TACK TRAP: Sharp tacks found by morning riders on the Esplanade.
TACK TRAP: Sharp tacks found by morning riders on the Esplanade. Contributed

OPINION: This is the line in the sand for cyclist safety

IT HAS barely been a month since I asked, in this space, why people seemingly have so much hate for cyclists.

Last week, I met with bike riders from local triathlon clubs and the Fraser Coast Bicycle Users Group, to learn more about what our most vulnerable road users encounter every day.

On Sunday, we welcomed hundreds of athletes, most of whom rode their bikes along one of the region's greatest scenic roads, for the Beach House Hotel Hervey Bay 100, an event which injects thousands, if not millions, of dollars to the local economy.

I did not want to spend yesterday morning learning of yet another instance where tacks were put on the road by a person who wanted to harm regular people in our community, but here we are.

This is the line in the sand.

I know a lot of people who ride bikes: for competition, for fitness, and for fun. They are mums, dads, brothers, sisters, doctors, teachers, mechanics, pilots, students and children.

I can't grasp why people want to harm bike users, but it has to stop before more locals are seriously injured.

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