Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, appears on the cover of Vanity Fair
Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, appears on the cover of Vanity Fair

OPINION: Thank you Caitlyn, you've done the world a big favour

IS IT just me or does everyone find that every day is a school day?

I am not a massive fan of the Kardashians. 

I think they have been very clever to turn their family into a money making brand but I have maintained a healthy detachment.   

When I heard Kardashian patriarch, Olympic gold medallist Bruce Jenner, was transgender I thought it was a stupid rumour.   

Turns out I was wrong.    

This week Caitlyn Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, sporting a designer bustier and better hair than any of my friends.  

The magazine article is part of a wider special where Jenner talks about her gender transition and how her family reacted.  

I think this is a pivotal moment in transgender history.  

In Sydney I worked with a transgender woman but she was so incredibly well transitioned I had no idea until someone pointed it out.   

I never knew Chicka as a man and never thought of her as one.

But that doesn't mean I got "learned" on the subject.  

Somewhere in my brain I thought Chicka was so clearly female it must have been a more complicated biological situation than the hairy looking barmaids I had seen on Oxford St.   

I was wrong about that too.  

In simple terms, transgender people are biologically born one way but psychologically another.   

Even if we think their Adam's apple is too big or their voice is too deep, it will never change the way they feel.  Bruce Jenner was a champion sportsman, father of four and husband of three.   

But inside was Caitlyn. Bruce just never let anyone see her.

I don't want to be a man.   

It is pretty easy for me to imagine what it would be like if society expected me to behave a different way, if reading romance novels, ignoring most football, being hopeless at all things mechanical and spending hours shopping suddenly became unacceptable.   

Psychologically I am completely female. Even if I looked like a man this is still who I would be.  

Australia's Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson says anecdotally there are a lot more Caitlyn Jenners out there. 

Older men and women who have never felt able to be honest about who they really are.   But society is changing and there is an increasing number of children who openly recognise their body doesn't match their psyche. 

Commissioner Wilson says society will cope, "Many straight people don't really understand what it is to be gay, but they do understand it is who people are. The same basic principle applies to transgender people."  

Caitlyn Jenner did society a favour this week.

She taught us it is never okay to say he/she, or it. Caitlyn is a woman. She taught us, once again, that you never know what is going on inside other people.   

And she taught us, once again, that when you're female it always comes down to whether you are sexy enough. Did you notice that?   

How quickly it became about who would be willing to "do" her?  

Life will probably never be easy for transgender people, but at least Caitlyn Jenner proved they are real.