Why all the fuss about Amberley weather station, Ipswich?

IT WAS during one of our regular QT office debates about the weather that a staff member raised an interesting point.

This particular staff member, who just happens to be a native of Zimbabwe, yesterday had the audacity to ask me what all the fuss was about with regards to Amberley weather station and us Ipswich people constantly deriding its readings.

"What's the big deal," he said, pointing his finger towards the southwest, "it's just over there."

I got part way through explaining to him that Amberley sits in a bit of a low spot between the Bremer River and Warrill Creek that seems to be a magnet for any extreme in heat or cold, before I realised I was wasting my time.

As the unnamed staff member rightly pointed out, many weather data gathering gadgets are positioned in low, flat areas outside town such as airports.

Maybe we are being a bit too precious.

Just remember to add a few degrees to the minimums in winter, and shave a few off to the maximums in summer and you'll be about right.