COMMENT: Jobs crisis, what jobs crisis?

NEWS this week that Ipswich will lose more than 900 jobs in the coming months has obviously been front and centre of everyone's minds.

It is a terrible situation, for the city and more particularly for any individual or family whose future has been thrown into uncertainty.

Just like state and council leaders, we will follow the shocked workers' paths in the coming weeks and months. We'll offer what moral support we can, and highlight where quantifiable alternatives are offered.

But we need to do more than that, and our 50 Jobs in 50 Days challenge seeks to highlight the employment positives in this region.

The bad news has hogged the headlines, but if you're a regular reader of the paper, you'll know there is a lot of jobs growth here.

>> Where to find work in Ipswich

The CBD redevelopment and booming residential housing market are two of the most obvious signs of that. But we want to even more zealously promote the people and businesses striving to keep Ipswich great.

So if you are about to employ people, bring a new business to town, or put an established business on the expansion path... get hold of us.

We want to highlight your story, tell our readers about the people making a positive difference. 50 Jobs in 50 Days isn't a lot compared to the 900 going. But we expect to smash well past that target.

Let's make people aware of where the job opportunities are, of the industries and individuals who are booming, and of the innovation that is in our blood.

You'll see captains of industry telling us where the emerging opportunities are, and no positive will be too big or small.

Today, meet the owners of Ipswich's newest coffee shop. The opening of this business has created 25 new jobs in the region. And there's plans for more.

We will tell dozen more stories like this.

Because Ipswich has a great future and the entrepreneurs out there know it. Contact me with your story: Email shannon.