OPINION: I'm appalled the Takata recall is taking so long

If there was ever a compelling reason to fast-track a recall, it doesn't get any better than a document titled the State of the Takata Airbag Recalls.

It's not light reading by any means and I can only describe it as grim and disturbing.

It describes Takata airbags as "grenades" and "ticking time bombs" - words that chill to the core.

The report contains photos and personal details of many of the US victims, as well as accounts of their demise.

The youngest victim was only 13 years old.

An image that has stuck with me is that of a victim with a jagged metal fragment from an inflater embedded in their forehead.

Perhaps I am so concerned because this touches me personally. I'm one of the millions of Australians who's affected and still waiting for a permanent solution to this very serious and deadly problem.

Like many of you, I'm appalled that it's taking so long. While I acknowledge the task to recall millions of cars across the country is a mammoth task, we can't afford to delay.

The longer we wait the higher the risk these ticking bombs will explode.