LETTERS: COVID can rise like a phoenix anywhere


Living with COVID: A new 'norm'

The reality of the global COVID pandemic is that no one can drop the ball while even one case exists. No one is safe. This is an insidious virus, morphing now to an even more contagious threat.

Nations now investing in the COVID vaccine have different timelines and targets for innoculation routines.

They are advanced Western nations with the luxury of scientific researchers working on a cure. However, we are a global village, our responsibility to poorer developing nations cannot be underestimated.

With no nation totally immune while the virus is on the loose, leadership needs to keep vigilant. Masks and contact tracing with continual testing regimes will minimise the threat.

How long for? We may have to live with the reality that it can rise like a phoenix anywhere. It is an invisible, deadly enemy. It is a global threat and a killer.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's View on fragments of COVID-19 being detected in sewage at Yeppoon.
Harry's View on fragments of COVID-19 being detected in sewage at Yeppoon.



Sending your child to some of Queensland's most prestigious schools will set parents back more than $25,000 a year, and fees aren't getting any cheaper in 2021.

Donna M Ree: Parents can choose what school they wish to send their children to, it is nobody else's business. I personally prefer private schools to public schools but you have a choice. I know a lot of people on low incomes that send their children to private schools as they have saved to send them there.

Leesa Tomlinson: More money than sense. If your child wants to learn they'll succeed at any school.

Jayne Doe: It isn't just about the academic learning, for us it is the complete package of them having the same values, standards and expectations upheld as we have in our home of behaviour and respect for others and those in authority.

Vanessa Lewis: Totally agree. And you do get a lot more on offer when you pay for it.



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