OPINION: Action now on Springfield to Ipswich connection

WE'VE been talking about a Springfield to Ipswich rail connection for a long time.

Too long.

Make no mistake, we are running out of time.

The Ipswich City Council has made the first real step in bringing something tangible together to show the true impact that delaying this infrastructure any further will lead to.

A report released this week shows a project including a 25km heavy rail line and nine stations has to be a priority.

The report says if better public transport is not provided there will be serious, negative effects on congestion, parking, safety, public health and overall living standards in the region.

And it is right.

Our population growth is rapid. In the coming weeks in our Future Ipswich campaign we will bring you the nuts and bolts of exactly what our region will look like in years to come according to top Australian demographer Bernard Salt.

We'll also tell you what challenges this presents for our city.

And be clear, transport infrastructure in Ipswich and between Ipswich and other major centres in the southeast Queensland region will be among the top priorities identified.

Politicians on all levels need to stand up and recognise this as a priority. And do something about it. Now.

This is not just an Ipswich population. With southeast Queensland's population growth, this becomes a problem for Brisbane, for Toowoomba, for Logan and beyond. And we can not wait.