Outstanding shooter Brooke Dixon taking charge on the netball court. Picture: Jay Buchan
Outstanding shooter Brooke Dixon taking charge on the netball court. Picture: Jay Buchan

One of city’s best shooters shares strange superstitions


QUEENSLAND indoor netball has produced many fine shooters over the years but not many come close to our Ipswich's Brooke "Dicko" Dixon.

In today's column she talks everything netball plus some strange superstitions.

Sporting achievements: Indoor Netball Queensland and Australian representative 2003-2015; Ipswich Flyers 2011-14; State League (formerly called Dairy Farmers/Presidents Cup) outdoor 2000-11.

Why got involved with netball: I played under 7's rugby league and wasn't big on full body contact. I did score two tries in my first two games though. A friend then invited me to have a game of netball and I never looked back.

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TOP COACHES: Trish made an impact in Ipswich

Favourite players: Locally outdoor - Emilie Mcinally. We could play together and not have to say a word to each other, or we could say whatever needed to be said and there would be no hard feelings after the game. Also, it was nice to get to play week-in and week-out with a bestie.


Ipswich Flyers netballer Emilie McInally.
Ipswich Flyers netballer Emilie McInally.

Indoor: I used to love playing with Anna Milne (nee Buchanan). She was always happy on the court and would nail the long shots. I could just sit under the post and wait for opportunities.

Favourite coaches: Locally - I always admired Trish Mcinally's ability to bring a team together. When I was playing with the Flyers, the team atmosphere was second to none. We played for each other and had some great times off the court too. I also loved the way Judy Ziebell coached juniors. She spoke from a very technical viewpoint and I learnt a lot from her. I was very spoiled through junior rep netball. There were a lot of very dedicated coaches and I really appreciated all their efforts.

Best piece of advice and by who: Enjoy your time playing because you're a long time retired - Kevin Dixon

High and low points: The high point was receiving player of the final at the 2012 World Cup and also winning the 2013 grand final for the Flyers against Mcgregor (which included some indoor teammates and friends). The low point was losing at nationals in the late 00's to Victoria. I played a shocker and was upset for months.

Sporting idol growing up: Suzie O'Neill - I really like the way she handled herself. She was a gracious winner and competitor. Recently I listened to her on the radio explaining her silver medal at the 2000 Olympics and how she felt like a failure for not getting the gold and that resonated with me as an adult as well.

Superstitions: I wore the same socks and undies for every game and also would eat the same food for dinner before each game and have two banana lollies at halftime of each game.

Advice to juniors: Be a sponge and take in every piece of information you are offered. You can then decipher what works for you and what doesn't.

What up to these days: I'm a mum and enjoy the social side of netball but can't wait for my two little boys to start playing sport and have the childhood I had.

Quick thoughts

POSITIVES: 1. With Wimbledon cancelled this year, you would think that the prizemoney set aside would progress into next year's championships. It's great news for players with the prizemoney to be divided up between the players that were set down to play in this year's tournament.

2. The West Indies have been a country in decline recently in Test cricket but they showed in the First Test against England that they can perform with a great victory. Let's hope they can keep the form going for a longer period.

3. Boxing fans can finally circle a date in their diary for ther Jeff Horn/Tim Tsuyu. The fighters will clash in North Queensland on August 26.

Negatives: 1. The NRL has introduced many rule changes over the years with great success but they surely couldn't have been serious to suggest that it would be a good idea for the referee to feed the ball into the scrum.

2. The world has gone completely mad and the Washington Redskins have only added to the mess by dropping the Redskins part of their name.

Sporting birthdays

1. 1920 - Ex-International Olympic Committee chairman Juan Antonio Samaranch. He is the man that uttered the famous words S-Y-D-N-E-Y will host the 2000 Olympics.

2. 1963 - Finnish ski jumper Matt Nykanen, the winner of four Olympic Gold.

3. 1987 - Broncos, Queensland and Australian footballer Darius Boyd.

On this day

1. 1882 - William Renshaw defeats his twin brother Ernest 6/1 2/6 4/6 6/2 6/2 to win the Wimbledon title.

2. 2005 - Tiger Woods wins his 10th Major with a five-shot victory in the British Open.