GOODBYE: Erran Braddick's funeral is on April 11 in Gladstone.
GOODBYE: Erran Braddick's funeral is on April 11 in Gladstone. Contributed

'One-of-a-kind top bloke' to be farewelled

HE has been described as fearless and the kind of bloke no-one could dislike.

Born in Gladstone, Erran Braddick, 32, died last week following a horrific motorbike crash in Bali on March 30.

A friend, who regularly fished with Mr Braddick, said he had a charm about him that helped him get along with men and that women loved. "He dressed well and had pride in his appearance, would gym regularly to keep himself in shape," the friend said.

"He was absolutely fearless, I personally never seen him in a fight but wouldn't be keen to see what that was like either, his physical strength was quite noteworthy but he wasn't one to try and stand over people.

"He loved his daughter and when it came to his time with her, everything else was put aside. He wanted to be someone for her to look up to in my opinion.

"(He was) an absolute free spirit, a gentleman, party animal, a one-of-a-kind top bloke, a pleasure to be in the company of at any time, on or off the (rugby) field.

"He could find the funny side in anything and had a wicked sense of humour.

"And hands down (he had) the cheekiest smile I've ever known a person to have.

"He'll never be forgotten by anyone who's met him."

Erran Braddick's funeral is on April 11 at Gladstone's Tondoon Botanic Gardens, at 3pm. There will be another memorial service and scattering of the ashes in Mackay at a later date.