Jonny James Maguire was sentenced on Wednesday.
Jonny James Maguire was sentenced on Wednesday. Supplied

Shotgun-wielding crim's rampage causes train wreck

THE first victim to get a violent surprise from drug-addled Jonny James Maguire early one morning was a bread delivery driver.

The truck driver left his engine running on August 12, 2016 and returned from a delivery to find Maguire in his seat.

Brisbane District Court heard a struggle ensued, leaving the driver knocked unconscious.

Maguire's destructive southeast Queensland crime spree had just started.

The 29-year-old drove off, tyres narrowly missing the delivery man's head.

Ineptly driving from Birkdale to Boronia Heights, Maguire couldn't get the truck into gear and dumped it.

A shotgun in his jacket, he started knocking on suburban doors around 4.15am.

At one home, he demanded car keys, pointing his gun at a man's chest.

The court heard he then headed towards Borallon.

Maguire, a mechanic, stole three vehicles during the spree.

After driving a ute parallel to train tracks, he decided to cross the railway, but the stolen ute got stuck.

A coal train approached.

The train driver applied emergency brakes but the ute was smashed and the train damaged.

Maguire later set fire to a shed before police caught him in Helidon at about 7.30am.

Defence counsel Doug Wilson said Maguire had taken a substance abuse course at Maryborough prison.

The court heard Maguire developed drug problems at 15 and ice use was linked to many of his troubles.

Prosecutors said Maguire had been in denial about substance abuse and mental health problems.

On Wednesday, Judge Ryrie said overcoming addiction "takes hard work" but the father of three would probably end up an old man in jail if he didn't defeat drug abuse.

Maguire nodded.

"You're being naive to pretend you don't need help," Judge Ryrie added.

"You went on a bit of a rampage."

Maguire earned credit for timely guilty pleas.

For crimes including armed robbery, dangerous driving and stealing, he received five years jail.

He's disqualified from driving for two years and eligible for parole in two years. -NewsRegional