Centrals captain Lachlan Vellacott led the way in the controversial, rain-affected Harding Madsen Shield match against Toowoomba Metropolitan Easts. Picture: Rob Williams
Centrals captain Lachlan Vellacott led the way in the controversial, rain-affected Harding Madsen Shield match against Toowoomba Metropolitan Easts. Picture: Rob Williams

One ball from victory: Bizarre way to deny Ipswich team win

TO say it was a bizarre way to be denied victory is an understatement.

But that's exactly how Centrals captain Lachlan Vellacott described his team's latest misfortune in the Harding Madsen Shield cricket competition.

Having scored a highly competitive 3/157 off 30.4 overs before rain stopped play, Centrals were in a strong position to secure their third win of the new season.

However, with the Kookaburras bowling attack needing only one more delivery to constitute a game, the umpires called the match off.

Toowoomba opponents Metropolitan Easts were 4/92 and behind the revised target of 108 when play was halted after 14.5 consecutive overs at Mark Marsh Oval.

Had one more ball been bowled, Centrals would have been declared winners under the Duckworth Lewis method.

"It was quite bizarre and a very odd situation for everyone to comprehend,'' the experienced Centrals captain said.

"In our opinion, the conditions hadn't changed so to get pulled up at that stage was a bit bizarre.

"We tried to get through the overs because we knew we had to get 15 overs in to make it a game and that was our goal.

"We thought we were we on track but not to be.''

The disappointing result that cost Centrals vital points left the Kookaburras with two wins, a draw and a loss from the first four rounds.

"It would have been nice to bowl one more ball and get a win as they were behind the required Duckworth Lewis score,'' Vellacott said.

Other matches played on Saturday were also affected by the afternoon downpour and steady drizzle at different stages.

Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder chased down the required 50 they needed at Tivoli.

The Redbacks managed just 40 off their 14.4 overs.

At Sternberg Oval, Northsiders made 4/95 in their clash with Southern Districts.

Brothers were 5/43 off their 22 overs against Laidley when rain stopped play at Walker Oval.

Centrals are keen to maintain the pressure on Laidley and Wests after being denied victory in their latest game. Picture: Gary Reid
Centrals are keen to maintain the pressure on Laidley and Wests after being denied victory in their latest game. Picture: Gary Reid

Although points were shared across the various matches, Vellacott was eager to continue Centrals' hopes of challenging for the title.

Having only one loss against Laidley so far, Centrals can strengthen their prospects by beating Toowoomba Highfields and Wests in the next two crucial clashes.

"We're going quite well,'' Vellacott said.

"(We lost) to a pretty good Laidley side last week.

"We were pretty good yesterday so it was good to nearly get there and show what we could do.

"We've got a decent run home.''

The first-year captain is leading the way having scored 90 off 103 deliveries on Saturday.

"It's nice to be contributing,'' he said.

"I feel like I'm seeing the ball really well, which is good.

"Just trying to be really confident when I'm out there but a little bit disappointing not to get the three figures.''

As for leading the side this season, Vellacott has taken it all in his stride.

"I captained a lot of junior rep sides so that doesn't worry me,'' he said.

"It's a little bit more pressure but I don't really feel it out on the field.

"We've got a pretty strong group at our level, played a lot of cricket.

"They are easy guys to get along with and captain.''

That includes having a former skipper and ever-reliable opener Wayne Jones and experienced all-rounder Luke Barrett batting at number four behind Vellacott.

Coach Scott Barrett also provides constant guidance, especially for the younger players.

"He'll back up all the boys,'' Vellacott said.

"He's really good for us. He's always got our back. He makes sure we are playing the game the way we want to play and he does what he can off the field to support us.''

In the latest Ipswich Hornets Queensland Premier Grade match, Souths finished 0/50 off the 19 overs able to be bowled in the rain-interrupted match at Baxter Oval.


Qld Premier Grade

Ipswich Hornets v South Brisbane at Baxter

Souths 1st Innings

L. Duval not out 25 (57)

A. Jain not out 20 (62)

Extras (5nb) 5

Total (19 overs) 0/50

Bowling: Adam Smith 10/3/26/0; Harry Wood 3/0/14/0; Sean Lutter 4/2/4/0; Bryn Llewellyn 2/1/6/0.

2nd Grade at Yeronga

Hornets 1st Innings

Greg Carter c Edmondson b Casey 17 (65)

Matt Andrews c Robynson b Casey 7 (31)

Lachlan Prince lbw Geyer 25 (67)

Nick De Giusti not out 21 (71)

Noah Emerson not out 3 (24)

Extras (5b 4lb) 9

Total (43 overs) 3/82

Bowling: T. Sawyer-Brown 8/3/16/0; S. Geyer 11/4/15/1; M. Casey 17/8/20/2; B. McNae 7/1/22/0.

Harding Madsen Shield

Central Districts v Metropolitan Easts at Limestone Park

Centrals Innings

Wayne Jones c Pollock b D. Brown 4 (10)

Caleb Risson c Sabburg b Van Der Kooij 0 (7)

Lachlan Vellacott c Van Der Kooij b Brochiere 90 (103)

Luke Barrett not out 45 (68)

Sam Strong not out 0 (1)

Extras (2lb 11w 5nb) 18

Total (30.4 overs) 3/157

FoW: 5, 9, 156

Bowling: D. Brown 6/1/21/1; P. Van Der Kooij 6/2/16/1; K. Grimble 4/0/25/0; M. Elford 6/0/39/0; B. Brochiere 5.4/0/43/1; C. Rathie 3/0/11/0.

Rain closed innings

Duckworth Lewis revised score was 180 off 24.

Mets Innings

P. Van Der Kooij b Jones 1 (4)

B. Sabburg c Osborne b Vellacott 20 (25)

D. Brown c Dell b Jones 15 (20)

D. Pollock not out 17 (20)

L. Brown c Risson b Dell 32 (16)

M. Dennis not out 2 (6)

Extras (1lb 2w 2nb) 5

Total (14.5 overs) 4/92

FoW: 4, 37, 43, 86

Bowling: Lachlan Vellacott 5/0/25/1; Wayne Jones 5/0/32/2; Sam Strong 2.5/0/23/0; Alex Dell 2/0/11/1.

Match drawn.

Mets needed to be 108 if 15 overs (or one more ball) were bowled to constitute a match.

Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder v South East Redbacks at Tivoli No.1

Redbacks Innings

Callum Chandler st J. Anderson b Sefont 8 (40)

Amila Wethathasinghe c ? b Klass 10 (10)

Arif Perera c P. Schmidt b Klass 0(4)

Dhanushka Athukorala c T. Nugter b Sefont 15 (15)

Jason Packer c T. Nugter b Sefont 11 (12)

Sandeep Chitrapu b Sefont 0 (2)

Raj Gurram b C. Anderson 0 (3)

Chatharanga not out 0 (1)

Extras (5w) 5

Total (14.4ov) 49

FoW: 12, 13, 37, 41, 41, 49, 49

Bowling: Blayde Klass 5/1/15/2; Patrick Schmidt 5/2/15/0; Lucas Sefont 2.3/1/9/4; Connor Anderson 2/0/12/1.

Thunder Innings

Jacob Anderson c&b Perera 6 (7)

Toby Janke c ? b Perera 6 (2)

Nick Raine not out 13 (9)

Mitch Raine not out 20 (15)

Extras (1lb 2w 3nb) 6

Total (7ov) 2/50

FoW: 9, 19

Bowling: Arif Perera 3/0/18/2

Callum Chandler 2/0/27/0; Raj Gurram 0.2/0/5/0.

Northsiders v Southern Districts Magpies at Sternberg Oval

Northsiders Innings

Total (28ov) 4/95

Brothers v Laidley District at Walker Oval

Brothers Innings

Jacob Sarra c Wilson b Dean 2 (12)

Faraz Khan c S. Ryan b J. Ryan 0 (11)

Harry Sheppard b S. Ryan 20 (60)

Reagan Griffith c S. Ryan b J. Ryan 0 (15)

Zane Newton lbw J. Ryan 0 (3)

Hayden Walker not out 8 (32)

Xavier Vasta not out 0 (1)

Extras (3b 1lb 7w 2nb) 13

Total (22ov) 5/43

FoW: 4, 6, 13, 13, 43

Bowling: Liam Dean 7/2/16/1; Jem Ryan 6/4/3/3; Samson Ryan 5/2/8/1; Josh Reisenleiter 4/1/12/0.

Mets v Diggers and Uni v Highfields were washed out in Toowoomba.

Women's Premier Grade Cricket

1st Grade: Ipswich Hornets 1/45 (14) - Kira Holmes 24*(27) drew with Sandgate Redcliffe.

2nd Grade:  Norths 7/113 (40) - Macy Hauser 2/21(6), Jasmine Lewis 1/14(6), Chloe Neuendorf 1/17(3), Tahlia Hess 4/2/5/1 drew with  Hornets 0/5 (2) Lucy Neumann 4*(6).

Youth: Ipswich Taverners 8/192 (39) Zach Fisher 10 (19), Zane Newton 21(39), Jack Geldard 55 (66), Jared Adamski 23 (26), Aum Thanki 22 (19), Regan Liebke 17* (22) defeated Norths 8/138 (39) Jared Adamski 2/19 (8), Jack Geldard 2/3 8(8), Sahal Khatree 3/25 (8), Aum Thanki 1/15 (6).

Plunkett Cup: Ipswich Pioneers 6/136 (37) drew with Sub Districts  at Marsden No.2.   

Cricket Ipswich

2nd Division: Brothers 1/60 (15) drew with Thunder; Laidley drew with Centrals; Northsiders drew with Redbacks.

3rd Division: Thunder Storm 1/104 (10.3) - Kel Janke 78 (43) Fletcher Madden 15* (21); Jamie Reid 1/17 drew with Strollers White.

Thunder defeated Brothers; Laidley drew with Redbacks; Northsiders drew with Strollers Blue.