Ombudsman brushes off postcode from hell opponents

THE Commonwealth Postal Ombudsman has rejected a plea from residents in Karana Downs, Kholo and Mt Crosby to be removed from the giant 4306 postcode.

Residents, who want to be included in the unallocated 4071 postcode, say plans to split the 4306 zone and include them in a new Ipswich postcode will take far too long and ignores their geographical and other ties to Brisbane.

"Why this appears so difficult when other areas have successfully changed their postcodes with much less reluctance is beyond frustrating,'' Karana Downs residents Simone Karandrews said.

"I have not had any communication from Australia Post as to their actions in searching for a site in Ipswich.''

She said residents did not have an unfavourable view of Ipswich, it was just that they felt they belonged to Brisbane, both geographically and in terms of existing arrangements such as state and local government boundaries.

She also said it took much longer and was far more costly to deliver to their area than comparable suburbs the same distance from the GPO.

The Ombudsman's office said "altering existing arrangements is costly and Australia Post must consider whether any charges are commercially viable. We are satisfied Australia Post is taking active steps towards implementing (the new postcode)''.

"It may be useful to note that we have been aware of issues relating to Australia Post's use and allocation of postcode 4306 since 2016.

"Altering existing arrangements is costly and Australia Post must consider whether any charges are commercially viable.

"Australia Post reviewed postcode 4306 and decided to make some changes in a two staged approach. The first stage, which took effect from 1 February 2018 included a change in postcode from 4306 to 4314 for the following localities: Avoca Vale, Benarkin North, Benarkin, Blackbutt North, Blackbutt South, Blackbutt, Cherry Creek, Colinton, Gilla, Googa Creek, Harlin, Linville, Moore, Mount Binga, Mount Stanley, Nukku, Taromeo, and Teelah.

"The second stage involves the southern zone of 4306. In late 2017, we were advised that Australia Post was actively looking to acquire a site in the Ipswich area to create a new Delivery Centre.

"We understand that once this site becomes operational, some postcode changes will occur.

Australia Post has undertaken to keep local Member of Parliament and the community informed of developments as they occur. It is open to you to seek progress updates directly with Australia Post.

"However, we understand the logistics involved with creating new Delivery Centre and why

Australia Post may not be able to provide you with a specific date at this time.

"I appreciate you may be frustrated with the length of time taken to progress the second stage.

However, we are satisfied that Australia Post is taking active steps towards implementing the second stage and believe that it had adequately responded to your concerns. I am not satisfied that an investigation of your individual complaint is warranted in all the circumstances. Your complaint will now be closed.''