ON TOP: Chantelle Newbery at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
ON TOP: Chantelle Newbery at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Facebook

Olympic golden girl to front court today

FORMER Olympic golden girl Chantelle Lee Newbery will find herself in the dock of the Toowoomba Magistrates Court today in what her lawyer described as "quite a fall from grace".

Newbery, who won diving gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics, will front court after police picked her up last Friday on two failing to appear charges.

The former gold medallist also has a string of four stealing offences allegedly committed in the Toowoomba region before the courts.

Chantelle Newbery.
Chantelle Newbery in the pool during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Facebook

During the weekend's sitting of the Magistrates Court, it was heard that Newbery, 41, is now residing in social housing accommodation 14 years after her heroics at the highest level of elite sport.

With her lawyer Robert Burns running late in a bid to make the court appearance from Brisbane on Saturday, duty lawyer Nathan Bouchier successfully sought to adjourn her matters to today.

The matter was re-mentioned when Mr Burns arrived who, noting his client as a "sportsperson of note", said he would personally attend Newbery's home "where her medals were kept" to prove it was a suitable bail address.

Chantelle Newbery.
Chantelle Newbery pictured in a 'throwback' post. Facebook

Mr Burns pleaded with Magistrate Keegan and police prosecutor Senior Constable Leea Trewin to have the address checked by officers on Saturday so a bail application to release his client from the watchhouse could be made prior to today.

"The police don't just work Monday to Friday, they have resources they can use on a weekend," he said.

Magistrate Keegan adjourned her matters to be heard back in the same court today, where it is expected Newbery will apply for bail.