Chantelle Newbery at a previous court appearance.
Chantelle Newbery at a previous court appearance.

Olympian Chantelle Newbery fails to turn up at court

Olympic gold medal diver Chantelle Newbery has failed to appear in a southeast Queensland court less than 24 hours after assuring her lawyer she would.

The former darling of the pool was due to front Cleveland Magistrates Court on Tuesday on stealing and drugs charges.

When she failed to turn up, magistrate Deborah Vasta called her lawyer from the bench.

Luke Burns said he had spoken to the Olympian at length on Monday night and she had said she would appear.

"I don't know what's happened between last night and this morning," Mr Burns said.

Newbury, 43, of Redland Bay, is accused of stealing groceries from the Cleveland IGA in April.

It is alleged she was found in possession of a pipe, clip seal bags, a tourniquet and straw at her residence in May.

Newbery was also charged with driving while suspended in June.

Mr Burns said she would contest the drugs charges, which were actually found at a communal storage facility.

Newbery claims she was not there at the time police conducted the search.

The prosecution will now seek to obtain the CCTV from the centre to back-up the charges.

Newbery won Australia's first gold medal for diving in more than 80 years at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

But in recent years her life has spiralled as she has struggled with depression and drug use.

Her matter will return to court on August 18.