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LIFE COVER: Food Ethics

Offender ‘too obese and intoxicated’ to chase victim

A GLADSTONE man who chased a victim with a meat cleaver was "too obese" and "intoxicated" to keep up, a court heard.

Michael Anthony Allan entered a guilty plea in Gladstone Magistrates Court to going armed to cause fear, dispense, issue, prescribe, purport to ­prescribe or sell a restricted drug, not endorsed to possess restricted drug, two counts of commit public nuisance and contravene direction of police.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Merilyn Hoskins said Allan chased a victim with a meat cleaver, forcing the victim to hide at a caravan park.

The court heard in August 2019 Allan was standing with a meat cleaver yelling abuse, however he was too obese and intoxicated to chase the victim.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said his client's offending occurred when he befriended two other people with whom he was trying to fit in, which is why he became involved.

The court heard one of Allan's co-offenders was the main aggressor in this incident.

"He has no more offending pages since this incident," Mr Pepito said.

He said most of his client's previous offending happened when he had no assistance and was homeless.

Sgt Hoskins argued Allan had continued to offend as soon as one month after the meat cleaver incident.

"He was at a service station saying to the staff 'I'll f---ing chop you c---s up and I'll stab the lot of you'," Sgt Hoskins said.

Allan was sentenced to nine months' prison immediately suspended for two years.

Convictions were recorded.