O'Brien family in winning form at Raceway round

I HAD a great weekend at the last round of the Queensland Racing Drivers Championship (QRDC Rd 6) at Queensland Raceway.

There were a good number of racing categories, including one of my favourites - the Trans Ams.

It was great to see Charlie O'Brien hand over his car to his nephew Shannon, after he wrapped up the championship last round.

Given that Shannon O'Brien's last racing was with the the 2008 Fujitsu V8 Supercars Series with O'Brien Motorsport, it didn't take him long to adjust to the Firebird.

He qualified on pole and secured two wins, one of which came from the rear of the grid. He finished second for the round.

Charlie O'Brien managed to take third outright for the weekend in his Camaro with the Cuda of Ian Palmer second and John English in his Firebird taking the round victory, as well as the top step in race one and two.

The O'Briens anticipate that they will both be on track in 2016. They will face stiff competition from Ian Palmer and John English.

The Mopar day at Willowbank was just awesome.

I love my big American Muscle and seeing Hemi's in full flight is enough to get me going.

The big dodges sound great and it was good to see so many new SRT300 and SRT JEEPS keeping the Mopar brand alive.

This weekend is a big bike weekend at Queensland Raceway.

Tomorrow is the Moto Ride Day and Sunday is the Queensland Raceway Formula Xtreme Series.

The Formula Xtreme series released details of its prize pool the other day and I must say it would have to be the largest prize pool by far for a Queensland based motorcycle series.

The winner gets a fully prepped, ready to go, Kawasaki Ninja 300 ready for the National 300 class.

There are so many prizes up for grabs it's hard to see how a rider will miss out.

It's great when a race series gives back to the participants, it makes all the hard effort of competing worthwhile.

Tomorrow, Willowbank will have another of their popular Test n Tune days.

These are great to get along to, especially this one as a number of cars will be getting ready for next weekend's Queensland Drag Racing Championship.

The meeting will have a special defence force theme, with any members of the defence force able to participate for free by bringing a completed flyer with them (see the Willowbank Raceway Facebook page for details).

I enjoy the Test n Tune days because I get a chance to wander around the pits, chat to the guys, and get some good intel leading up to the next big race event on who is quick and who is not.

Other events happening this weekend are another Friday Night Drift at Queensland Raceway, and the Madaz Burnouts tomorrow afternoon.

Key events

  • Tonight: Friday Night Drifts, Queensland Raceway.
  • Tomorrow: Test n Tune, Willowbank Raceway; QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway; Madaz Burnouts, Qld Raceway.
  • Sunday: QR FX Motorcycle Championship.
  • Next Friday: Test n Tune, Willowbank Raceway.
  • Next Saturday: Queensland Drag Racing Championship, Willowbank Raceway.
  • Next Saturday: Saturday Night Roll Racing, Queensland Raceway.
  • Next Sunday: Porsche Club, Queensland Raceway.