Jarrod Harvey
Jarrod Harvey Inga Williams

Nutrition key to unlocking potential

JARROD Harvey maintains he needs to learn abut diet and nutrition to fulfil his potential.

But it is hard to fault what he puts into his body each day.

"I'll have a banana or a piece of bread before I go out, just so I've got something to work with," Harvey said of his first meal of a typical day.

Then will follow a two hour work out, usually on the bike.

"After that I'll either have a bowl of fruit muesli with Greek yoghurt," he said.

"If it's a big training session I'll have some meat or salmon with it.

Lunch is a big salad he's prepared before hand, eaten in two spells, during school breaks at 11.30am and 1.30pm.

"It will have capsicum, fetta, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes carrot and either a fish or some meat for more iron, and kidney beans," Harvey said. "When I get home I'll have a big glass of water with some electrolytes if I'm feeling a bit flat."

That is followed by another work-out, usually a swim (about 4km) or a run.

"A short run will be about 8km with intervals or a long one about 24-25 km, long and slow," he said.

"Dinner will be a steak or fish and vegies, or a butter chicken or pasta."



Raised: Boonah

Occupation: Teacher

Began triahtlons aged 12 but gave it up between age 19-23.

"Viewing a race in June of 2013 reignited the fire in the belly," he said.

Harvey came third in first half ironman triathlon race in 2012, securing spot in Australian team at World Championship, where he finished 26th.