A utility was extensively damaged in a three-vehicle crash on the Warrego Hwy Tuesday night. Photo Facebook
A utility was extensively damaged in a three-vehicle crash on the Warrego Hwy Tuesday night. Photo Facebook Contributed

Nurse praised for help at chaotic highway crash

A NURSE has been praised for coming to the aid of motorists trapped in a three-vehicle crash in what has been described as a chaotic scene.

The two-vehicle crash on the Warrego Hwy Tuesday night was made worse when a utility slammed up the back of a truck.

Initial reports suggested a truck carrying ammonia had been involved in the crash scene which had the potential to create an explosive situation for emergency services.

Oakey Queensland Fire and Emergency Services auxiliary Captain Rodney Mason and his crew was responding to a two-vehicle collision and were on route to the scene 2km east of Oakey when information was relayed a third car had run up the back of the stationary truck.

"The initial accident was a sedan had run up the back of a B-double bulk concrete powder truck which caused the truck to rupture a couple of airlines," Capt. Mason said.

"He (the driver) had just finished crimping them off when the second accident happened where a utility had run up the back of him while he was stationary.

"There was quite a large amount of damage to the utility and to the truck."

Capt. Mason credited a nurse passing the scene and the safety features of the late-model utility as preventing more serious injuries to the motorists.

He said emergency services used hydraulic cutting equipment to free two motorists trapped in the two smashed vehicles.

"It did look very chaotic and we weren't sure which vehicle to go to first," he said.

"It was quite fortunate a nurse pulled up and was able to render assistance to the (trapped) persons before we arrived.

"I went to the vehicle with the most damage first and spoke to the person there who indicated to be the gentleman from the first vehicle required assistance first."

Capt. Mason said the drivers were lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

"Both people in both vehicles are very lucky to get away with what appeared to be very minor injuries, especially considering it was in a 100kmh section of the highway," he said.

The Warrego Hwy was shut in both directions for an hour as emergency crews assessed and cleared the scene.
It was re-opened to all traffic about two hours after the crash.

Capt. Mason urged motorists to drive to the conditions and be aware of slower vehicles, particularly in higher speed zones.