Nudes-stealing fraudster’s sick sex toy stunt exposed


A jilted worker obtained naked photos of a colleague from her iCloud account, sending them to a housemate and organised for a sex toy to be sent to workplace to embarrass her.

Jemin Yun, 23, today pleaded guilty to stalking, using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, obtain or deal with another person's identification, fraud and attempted fraud.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court heard the former Optus employee had been friends with the 19-year-old victim for eight years before he began terrorising her.

Jemin Yun appeared in court for unlawfully stalking a friend of eight years with revenge porn.
Jemin Yun appeared in court for unlawfully stalking a friend of eight years with revenge porn.

Police prosecutor Duncan Erskine said the girl had sought Yun's help in recovering her stolen mobile phone.

He said it appeared Yun later accessed her iCloud account.

Weeks later the woman received naked photos of herself, taken from her iCloud, via an anonymous Facebook account.

The images were also shared with the victim's flatmate and Yun threatened to spread them over the internet but did not do so.

"The offending is quite calculated," Sgt Erskine said.

"The effect that it had on the complainant … almost certainly embarrassed and ashamed of

having that information shared with people that she was in the same house with."

Yun and the victim worked together at Optus in Cairns.

The court heard Yun used the victim's work login details to order a prepaid mobile in a fake name then used the device to send abusive texts to the woman.

The texts included calling her a "slutty whore" and requesting $100, the court heard.

Yun also used the woman's credit card details to purchase a sex toy in her name and organised for it to be sent to her workplace to embarrass her.

Yun's lawyer Michael Cridland said the sex toy never arrived at the workplace.

But Magistrate Anthony Gett said it was postmarked to go there.

"That puts a certain gloss on doesn't it, that she gets a parcel at work could potentially open it up and finds a dildo," he said.

The offending occurred between July and November last year.

The court heard Yun had feelings for her the victim beyond friendship but perceived he was receiving mixed messages from her.

Mr Cridland said Yun was "enamoured" with the victim who he had provided financial and emotional support.

"As a result of his perceived grievances regarding their personal relationship and dealings … he's made the unfortunate first move in this offending," he said.

Mr Cridland said his client was very apologetic for his "despicable behaviour".

"He's very ashamed of his terrible behaviour," he said.

Mr Gett made a five year restraining order against Yun but adjourned sentencing until next week

Originally published as Nudes-stealing hacker's sick sex toy stunt exposed