NSW Premier: 'Put negative gearing on the table'

NEW South Wales Premier Mike Baird called on the Federal Government to consider scrapping negative gearing saying his state is doing everything it can in terms of supplying affordable housing. 

The Premier was addressing the National Press Club when he made the comments, which were actually in support of an earlier proposal to scrap the tax incentive from his planning Minister Rob Stokes, 

"We are doing everything we possibly can in terms of supply, no doubt about it," News Corp reports Mr Baird as saying. 

"If there is modelling or an approach that suggests that there is an impact, a positive impact on affordability, then of course that is something that should be considered."

The comments come four days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ruled out any changes to negative gearing citing the fact that keeping the policy in place had been a key pat of his election platform. 

In the lead up to the most recent Federal Election Mr Turnbull told Fairfax media Labor's proposed changes to the policy would: "devalue every home in Australia."

"Labor's got a trifecta. They want to discourage investment, jack up rents and reduce home values," he said in regards to additional policies which had been intended to increase capital gains tax.