BIG RANGE: Tools & Industrial Supplies manager Brett Gray inside his West Ipswich store.
BIG RANGE: Tools & Industrial Supplies manager Brett Gray inside his West Ipswich store. Rob Williams

Nothing beats local advice and tools at the right price

TOOLS and Industrial Supplies in West Ipswich are coming up to their 10th anniversary this year.

Manager Brett Gray is enthusiastic about the business and its place in serving Ipswich and surrounding regions.

Tools and Industrial Supplies is the local supplier of tools, machinery, welders, and engineering supplies in the Ipswich area.

The staff brings a combined 30 years experience in the industry and the customers are the first to benefit from this acquired knowledge.

"We also have a comprehensive repair and industrial sharpening service," Mr Gray said.

"We believe our customers want high quality tools, prices that are competitive and advice they can rely on when it comes to tool selection.

"We specialise in tooling for the aviation, engineering, manufacturing and automotive industries."

Ian Moir is the owner and director of the business while Brett Gray manages this very successful small business.

They are fiercely proud of their place in the Ipswich business community, and are a totally independently owned enterprise.

"We are part of the HPT Group for buying power but apart from that we are locally owned and operated," Mr Gray said.

"We have Ipswich people on staff.

"The main message is that local businesses do not have to go to Brisbane to get a deal, we offer the same or better prices, service and after-sales service and it is important that people know this fact."

The bright red and white colours make this West Ipswich business stand out on an increasingly busy strip of Brisbane Street. They have off street parking and pride themselves on their service to customers.

The Ipswich business carries all of the major brands in all aspects of trade and industrial businesses.

It is a distributor of major brand names such as Milwaukee, Hitachi, Ridgid, Uni-Mig, SP TOOLS, Gearwrench, Kincrome, McMillan, Koken, Geiger, Starrett, Knipex, Mitutoyo, Led Lenser and many more quality brands.

"We want the young 'tradies' and apprentices to know we are here to help," Mr Gray said.

"We have apprenticeship deals, easy credit service and credit deals.

"The young people are the future of the industries and trades so we want to invest into them.

"They have to use the right tools and on lower wages it can be very difficult. The financial support we can offer just helps them get the right tools for the job and the financial support to make it affordable."

Tools and Industrial Supplies have a comprehensive website at where they offer online purchasing.

It is direct to the West Ipswich business but just means that questions can be asked of the staff, answered promptly, or purchases can be ordered and paid for online.

It is as simple as dropping into the business to collect.

"It makes it a very easy way to order and purchase and keeps it all local," Mr Gray said.

"Often our customers have time at night to look at what they need, it is just another way of doing business with us.

"We have some in-house servicing and also have off-site support but it is all managed by us and the turn-around time is impressive.

"People cannot afford to be without their tools for very long so we respond to that need."

Tools and Industrial Supplies, under the leadership of Brett Gray, has a real sense of energy and passion to offer the best they can to the local market.

They have a contract with the Department of Defence and contractors to Boeing but also have a strong local trades and industry client base.

Like all small businesses it has to be about price, service and enthusiasm. Tools and Industrial Supplies have this in abundance.