Megan Geoghegan with Cormac, Murphee, Andrew and Kennedy Foley.
Megan Geoghegan with Cormac, Murphee, Andrew and Kennedy Foley.

North Mackay teens caught in NZ volcano drama

NORTH MACKAY mum Megan Geoghegan suffered 25 minutes of panic Monday afternoon after discovering her three children were near the devastating volcanic eruption in New Zealand.

Mrs Geoghegan said her children Murphee, 18, Kennedy, 15, and Cormac, 13, were on board the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship with their father, Andrew Foley, travelling through New Zealand waters at the time of the disaster.

"I was driving to work when a phone call from a friend came in, I pulled over to take it and she asked if I had heard about the volcano erupting in New Zealand," Mrs Geoghegan said.

"I was quite panicked and started Googling any information I could get about what was happening.

"I couldn't get through to the cruise line or the travel agency. I even called the Australian consulate in New Zealand. I didn't know what to do.

"Finally, my eldest daughter Murphee got hold of a phone from someone on the ship who had service and sent a Snapchat telling me they were okay."

Ms Geoghegan said she finally spoke on the phone with her children today at 9am and they told her the Ovation of the Seas was docked about 100km from White Island, where the volcano erupted.

"They're okay and obviously that is a huge relief. They were meant to depart Wellington yesterday, but they were still docked and not sure when the ship will be cleared to continue the cruise," she said.

Ms Geoghegan said her children had told her they had sought information about the volcano tour that would have taken them to the island that fateful day, but the tour had been booked out for weeks in advance.

"I'm just relieved to know they are all well, but sadly there are families on their cruise currently missing loved ones - it's heartbreaking," she said.