Shannon Noll will perform in Ipswich at The Racehorse Hotel on October 19.
Shannon Noll will perform in Ipswich at The Racehorse Hotel on October 19. Brandon Potts

Nollsy feeling 'better than ever' before Ipswich pitstop

IT has been 16 years since the boy from Condobolin in country New South Wales was thrust into the national spotlight but Shannon Noll believes he is in as fine a voice as ever.

He has enjoyed some time at home in Sydney while recovering from spinal fusion and disc replacement surgery last week after a busy year touring

Mr Noll celebrated Father's Day on Sunday with his four children and wife Rochelle, alongside newest arrival Colton.

"It's been a full on year touring," he said.

"I'm enjoying being home with the family even though I'm sort of incapacitated. I feel like a bit of a hindrance to my poor wife. She's got enough to deal with without having to look after me."

The 43-year-old will be back on the road in the coming weeks to carry on his Singles Tour, belting out his long list of classic tunes alongside singles from his latest album Unbroken and a handful of covers.

He will be performing at the Racehorse Hotel in Booval on October 19.

"We've done some big, big kilometres this year," he said.

"We've been to north Queensland twice and Darwin and Western Australia. It has been great to get to those places that I haven't been to for a little while. The shows have been a real lot of fun.

"Queensland has been a really big part of our touring right from the start. Queensland was the first tour I did off the back of (Australian Idol). It has been really important to me... I really appreciate all the support I get every time I'm up in Queensland."

The former farm hand said he felt like he has lived "two different lives" after a life-changing stint on Idol in 2003 but felt he had evolved since those early days.

Before he caught his break, Mr Noll was shearing and crutching on a few different friends' properties and knew it was going to be difficult to build a future for his family.

"I think I'm singing now better than ever," he said.

"I really look after my voice and I know how to use it properly. Back in the cover band days I'd start singing better after four or five songs, I didn't even realise there was such a thing that you had to warm your voice up.

"I exercise my voice a couple of nights before I go away on tour so by the time the show is happening, I'm at my best and I try and showcase that and sing my heart out every night."

The singer and songwriter has picked up a new generation of fans via social media.

His Facebook page, which has more than 250,000 followers, has become a hotspot for people sending up his 'larrikin' persona with a stream of comments beneath whatever he posts.

The comments all involve a different variation of a story which eventually winds up asking Mr Noll to return a particular item to them, with plenty of Aussie slang thrown in.

"It's amazing, there are some very funny people out there," he laughed.

"They're always having a joke, there's no malice about it I don't think.

"The whole borrowing stuff... for the life of me I don't know where that came from. I've got sheds full of people's whipper snippers and mowers and Harry Potter boxsets."