James Lehmann pleaded guilty to drink driving at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
James Lehmann pleaded guilty to drink driving at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Noisy exhaust blows lid on P-plater’s rummy run

A NOISY exhaust was an attention grabber for all the wrong reasons.

When a mobile police patrol heard the throaty noise from James Lehmann’s ute, they decided to try to pull him over, but Lehmann wasn’t keen for a chat, ditching his vehicle before running into a field.

He got away but not for long, with police noticing him walking along the road a short time later.

He tested positive to alcohol and was charged, going before Ipswich Magistrates Court for sentence on Tuesday.

James Alexander Lehmann, 22, from Sadliers Crossing, pleaded guilty to drink-driving when on a Provisional licence at Redbank Plains on September 18; failing to keep a safe distance behind vehicles; and driving a safe but otherwise defective vehicle (exhaust).

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said it was 11pm on a Friday night when a black Ford Falcon ute went past a police patrol on Redbank Plains Rd.

The court heard Lehmann was following another vehicle too closely and his exhaust was making excessive noise.

Police did a U-turn and followed him.

Sgt Caldwell said the driver increased speed to overtake another vehicle then, at speed, turned left onto Collingwood Drive.

Police saw the ute stop and “a tall male running across the road and into a field”.

Sgt Caldwell said police saw the male, identified as Lehmann, walking along the road later that same evening and detained him.

Lehmann told police he drank several cans of rum at a mate’s house and believed he would be over the limit.

His later gave an alcohol reading of 0.092. Provisional licence holders are required to be at zero.

Sgt Caldwell said Lehmann knew that he should not drink before driving.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Lehmann decided to leave the gathering at his friend’s house to avoid a potential issue, but that it was not an emergency.

Mr Fairclough said Lehmann must now return to the District Court because he has breached a probation order for previous offences.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted that Lehmann had breached a suspended jail term and would have to return to the higher court.

She fined him $550 and disqualified him from driving for three months.