Shaving cream was sprayed throughout the Fernvale shed.
Shaving cream was sprayed throughout the Fernvale shed.

‘No typical break and enter’: Home trashed while owner away

AFTER trashing a Somerset property and leaving it with extensive damage, an offender – or group of offenders – left with an item of property.

But instead of targeting valuables, they nabbed just a tin of coins and a set of keys to the house.

Lowood Police Acting Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant James Bromley told the Queensland Times they were the only items reported missing after a Fernvale property was broken into and ransacked.

About 12 cars were damaged, unopened cans of beer had been pulled from the fridge and strewn around the property and shaving cream had been sprayed inside the shed.

The 46-year-old male resident noticed his shed’s door was ajar, when he arrived home at Banks Creek Rd, Fernvale on Friday.

“After (unknown offenders) sprayed shaving cream all around the inside of the shed, they gained access to the house,” Sgt Bromley said.

“They smashed the front door.”

The tin containing silver coins was pinched from inside the home and the offender helped themselves to beer in the fridge, which they “threw around the backyard”.

A collection of unregistered cars on the property were tampered with, with

“They damaged about 12 windscreens to unregistered vehicles that were stored at the property and they’ve gained access to those vehicles,” Snr Sgt Bromley said.

“They lifted bonnets and opened car doors.”

But touching too many items may be the offenders’ demise as, during forensic investigations, police discovered fingerprints.

“There were fingerprints located,” Snr Sgt Bromley said.

“We’ve been able to obtain prints from those vehicles.”

Because the resident was away at the time, the offence could have taken place anytime between 5am on September 24 and 7pm on September 25.

Lowood Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information that could be linked.

“It looks like it may even be juveniles but we can’t rule out that it could be adults,” Snr Sgt Bromley said.

“It’s quite out of the ordinary, what’s been done – it isn’t your typical break and enter.”

Contact Lowood Police Station on 5426 1108 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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