No time to be playing with fire

IT WAS disappointing, although not surprising, to hear that our already stretched firefighters were forced to deal with several cases of people deliberately lighting fires over the weekend.

While there is no suggestion there was anything malicious going on, you have to say the ignorance levels are astronomical.

We may have been lucky to avoid the worst of the bushfires here in Ipswich and in our immediate surrounds, though barely 60km to our southeast, raging fires are causing widespread destruction.

The authorities are not exaggerating when they say that with the current conditions, a fire can not only start very easily, but also spread at an alarming rate, putting lives and property at risk very quickly.

Why anyone would want to start a potentially disastrous bushfire deliberately or otherwise is beyond me, and I would like to think that if these people who were caught lighting campfires over the weekend understood the potential consequences they wouldn't have done it.