NO SURPRISES: What are Labor MPs hiding from?


Jennifer Howard and Jim Madden deserve a kick from their constituents for avoiding the Queensland Times election forums.

When you have a healthy majority like these two, where and how do we voice our disgust at their actions?

I hazard or guess that most of the electors in their seat won't really care about this snub.

I wonder how many even know, much less care, about this forum.

I would hope that the editor Andrew Korner will advertise their actions far and wide.

They must be held to account one way or another. 

Jennifer Howard has got a few huge billboards around the place and further stretches her credibility, in particular towards dumps.

She is having an each-way bet on the dumps and needs to be sent a powerful message from her constituents.

As to Jim Madden, Jim who?

I met him and was unimpressed.

He found it difficult to stay on message and ignored what I came to see him about.

A superannuation seat warmer.

There is a rumour going around that the Labor party doesn't want to expose too many candidates to scrutiny.

If so, let's see the party nail its colours to the mast.

To look at the massive amounts of billboards around they have to spend some of their huge coffers even in safe seats.

David Harris