'No super dump for Ipswich': Protesters' message for Premier

A GROUP of protesters planning to picket a public meeting with the State Government tonight has a clear message for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk - Ipswich is not a dump. 

Tonight the Premier and her cabinet will meet at the Racehorse Hotel in Booval, as part of the Governing from the Regions program. 

The meeting will kick off with a protest organised by a group of concerned residents.

They want the Premier and her cabinet to stop the new proposed super dump at New Chum going ahead. 

Waste giant BMI has proposed to establish a new landfill in a disused mining pit.

If approved, it would be one of the largest landfills in Australia, taking in more than 15.7 million cubic metres of waste over 18 years. 

The company has admitted some of that waste would be coming from New South Wales.

Chris Warwick is one of the people who will be protesting at the public meeting.

Mr Warwick lives 2.5km from the existing Swanbank dump and said he fears for the city's future. 

"I'm worried the foul smell already plaguing some Ipswich suburbs will end up impacting the whole city," Mr Warwick said. 

"I am worried for the future of our kids."

At a press conference today Ms Palaszczuk was asked about the introduction of an interstate waste levy. 

Ms Palaszczuk said she was yet to see the report on the possible levy, given to Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch in early February.

The report has not yet been released publicly. 

Mr Warwick said he also wanted to draw the Premier's attention to the lack of scrutiny at existing landfills, a problem Ipswich City Council Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has also flagged. 

Cr Antoniolli has already warned more applications like the BMI proposal would be lodged with the council in the coming months. 

Last week, Cr Antoniolli said he and the other councillors would discuss the city's waste management, now and in the future, with the State Government representatives. 

"Everything from the existing and future application, as well as the level of non-compliance of existing operators will be discussed," Cr Antoniolli said last week. 

"We will also be discussing the future of waste management in our area."

Want to get involved? 

  • The protest outside the Racehorse Hotel at Booval will start from about 6pm. Extra placards have been prepared for residents who would like to join.