MORE HEAT THAN LIGHT: Not a lot of calm discussion in the climate debate
MORE HEAT THAN LIGHT: Not a lot of calm discussion in the climate debate Contributed

No place for snow flakes as global debate heats up


JUST to show the commitment of The Gympie Times to diversity, here are some opinions Greta Thunberg would not like.

I speak as someone who in the 1980s predicted global warming from fossil fuels. Friends laughed but now claim never to have doubted the new orthodoxy.

Though I should tremble at the inter-generational revenge Greta threatens against anyone who differs, here are some lies that make me mad.

"The science is settled." Science is never settled, it is all about doubt and discovery. If it's settled, it's not science.

Lie: "Greenhouse doubters have heaped abuse on activists and made the debate toxic." In truth, doubters have been compared to pedophiles because of predicted damage to children's futures - I have not heard anyone match that for toxic overkill, but I have experienced angry intolerance from those who often speak of diversity, but don't tolerate it.

Lie: "The oceans are rising." They haven't yet.

Lie: "The world will be lifeless or irreversibly on the way within 10 years." Parents who destroy their children with such negative nonsense underestimate how dangerous the world has always been and destroy their children's future. Whole generations can be irreversibly harmed by the loss of hope this lie can cause.

Unfortunately, the political world includes hidden agendas intended to cause just this sort of damage.