Gatton, Laidley out do Ipswich but Amberley's the headliner

THE Bureau of Meteorology's forecast high of 40C for Ipswich did not eventuate yesterday, with the mercury peaking at 38C just after 2pm.

That meant that the city wasn't the hottest place in southeast Queensland. Instead, that prize went to Gatton and Laidley.

Both exceeded the Bureau's forecast by 0.4C, topping out at 39.4C. The hottest part of their day coming at 2.41pm.

But Ipswich did get another mention with suburb Amberley recording its warmest overnight November temperature since recordings began - 23.8C. It beat the old record in 2008 by 0.1C.

The warm conditions - which are part of a three-day extreme heatwave - will continue across the region today, although it should be slightly "cooler" with 38C forecast for the city.

Tomorrow onwards will see a cool change with the mercury not edging above 30C until next week.

There's also the promise of a morning shower tomorrow. Likewise Boonah, Gatton, Esk and Laidley might see a drop of rain too.

That aside, the rest of the week is looking dry.