The world reels in the wake of the Nice attack.
The world reels in the wake of the Nice attack. Cotrbuted: Finacial Times

Nine reasons why 'terrorism has nothing to do with Islam'

THE Muslim organisation behind the Maroochydore mosque has explained why terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

In a statement on its website after the horrific terror attacks in Paris, France, the Muslim Organisation Sunshine Coast said it was "horrified by all the barbaric acts perpetrated in the name of any ideology around the world".


epaselect epa05028805 The Eiffel Tower is illuminated in the colors of the French flag in tribute for the victims of the 13 November terror attacks, in Paris, France, 16 November 2015. At least 132 people were killed and some 350 injured in the terror attacks on 13 November, which targeted a concert venue, a sports stadium, and several restaurants and bars in Paris. Authorities believe that three coordinated teams of terrorists armed with rifles and explosive vests carried out the attacks, which the Islamic State (IS) extremist group has claimed responsibility for.  EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
The Eiffel Tower is illuminated in the colours of the French flag in tribute to the victims of the November 13 terror attacks, in Paris, France. ETIENNE LAURENT

It also "entirely rejects them for Islam".

Here's the explanation why:

1) Terrorism is above all murder

Murder is strictly forbidden in the Qur'an (Koran). Qur'an 6:151 says "and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden (to be killed) except by (legal) right."

This means murder is forbidden, but the death penalty imposed by the state for a crime is permitted.

2) If the motive for terrorism is religious, it is impermissible in Islamic law. It is also forbidden to impose Islam on other people. The Koran says "There shall be no compulsion in (acceptance) of religion".

3) Islamic law forbids aggressive warfare. The Koran (8:61) says "And if they incline to peace, then incline to it and rely upon Allah".

4) In the Islamic law of war, not just any civil engineer can declare or launch war. It is the prerogative of the duly constituted leader of the Muslim community. Nowadays that would be the president or prime minister of the state, as advised by the mufti or consulting a national board of judges.

5) The killing of innocent non-combatants is forbidden, specifically women, children, the old or the infirm. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq said in the first Caliph: "I instruct you, do not kill women, the children, the old or the infirm. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees, do not destroy any town."

6) Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law as is any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power. The principle is based on the Koran 5:33 to 34.

7) Sneak attacks are forbidden. Muslim commanders must give the enemy fair warning war is imminent. The Prophet Muhammad at one point gave four-month notices.

8) The Prophet Muhammad counselled doing good to those who harm you. "Accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil (Al-Tirmidhi)."

9) The Koran demands of believers they exercise justice toward people even where they have reason to be angry with them "and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, that is nearer to righteousness". (5:8)