AUSSIE tennis star Nick Kyrgios is a big talker on the court but he was momentarily lost for words when he copped a shot right in the mouth on Monday night.

Kyrgios had teamed up with fellow Australian Lleyton Hewitt to play Buglaria's Grigor Dimitrov and Germany's Alexander Zverev in doubles in the Fast 4 tournament in Sydney.

Zverev was presented with easy bouncing ball close to the net and Kyrgios assumed a defensive position right on the net with his racquet in front of his face.

His defensive ploy wasn't effective however as Zverev's gentle tap went straight past Kyrgios's racquet and hit him flush in the mouth.

Kyrgios theatrically hit the deck and lay on the court, apparently dazed.

He recovered in short order but Zverev's shot was hard enough to apparently draw some blood.

Kyrgios and Hewitt won the match.