Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman. John Pryke

Newman denies Ergon cuts means he broke jobs promise

PREMIER Campbell Newman has rejected claims he broke a promise to protect Ergon Energy's frontline jobs.

Electrical Trades Union state organiser Trevor Gauld said the union learned on Tuesday that 92 positions were targeted for redundancies.

He said he was concerned the cuts would result in more frequent outages for increased time periods.

Ergon, a government-owned corporation, supplies electricity to Queensland regions outside the south-east corner.

"He goes around making promises and then breaks them, as soon as he walks out of the room the promises are forgotten," Mr Gauld said.

"In the 92 proposed redundancies there are 70 frontline jobs that are on the block. And they include frontline electricity jobs in FNQ in direct contradiction to the premier's guarantee".

This came after Mr Newman last week told Channel 7 that frontline workers would be safe.

"…the people who are out on the grassroots, the people who the ETU represents, the doers, are the ones whose jobs are safe," he said.

But Mr Newman told ABC Brisbane radio this morning that those 92 positions were part of the 500 job cuts announced last year to adjust to reduced demand.

He said the ETU would "say and do anything" because they were aligned with Labor and it was a federal election year.

"They are part of previously announced initiatives by Ergon Management," he said.